Rakuten SuperSale is back!

Entering the month of October, fashion trends nowadays are shifting towards the Autumn/Winter season. However, it's pretty hard for us to wear jacket & long sleeves all the time in Malaysia due to its hot weather. 

Even so, we can still play around with different outfits. In Rakuten, I get to find all sorts of fashion that fits well for this season. Plus, the price is really affordable too. With the SuperSale that Rakuten launched last week, almost everything is even cheaper right now! 

Better visit the website now before it's too late. Heard there are bundle promos, awesome discounts & etc! Oh ya, today is the last day of Rakuten SuperSale! HAHAHAHA.

Let me end this with my shameless OOTD with Rakuten Fashion. Hehe. Psst, the top is only RM19.90! Quality is superb too! ;)

Website: www.rakuten.com.my
Written by : Senri Ning

Meet Star Wars in Legoland!

Finally had my very first trip to Legoland last month during the launch of LEGO Star Wars Miniland Model Display! It's so crazy that there were more than 2,000 LEGO models built using over 1.5 million LEGO bricks! *drop jaw*

Upon arrival, the pace was super stuffy and these bunch of kids had their face all red man. THEY ALL HAVE A LIGHTSABER WITH THEM. Emergawddddddd...

You know what was the next thing that made me gone crazy? THIS, a life-size Darth Vader Lego Mascot! So cute please! 

After the hooha, we finally headed over to the Star Wars Miniland. One thing I was pretty glad about the display, the place was indoor and filled with air-conditioned! Yeap, no more feeling stuffy and sweating all around while looking at the legos. 

"Hi, I'll be your usherer for the day. This way please"


"Move along, move along"

Journey begins with a hilarious short clip and move on to the 7 famous scenes from Star Wars films and The Clone Wars animated series. 

Finally, the area towards the exit is a retail section for Star Wars merchandises. Definitely the place for you to bring home some souvenirs!

Wanted to explore around in Legoland since it was our first trip here but the weather wasn't being nice to us. It decided to pour on us till we ran over to the souvenirs shop. Took our own sweet time to make our own legos.

When you reach Legoland, it is a must to take picture with the "Legoland Malaysia" sign despite the rain. HAHAHAHA.

It was a pretty fun trip after all. Ate really awesome food, went for awesome ride, bought some awesome legos and finally.....


Noh, Lego can't do peace sign.

Till next time, peeps! :D

Written by : Senri Ning

Introducing the new Philips AirFloss

The phrase "remember to brush your teeth twice a day" has been playing around our ears since young. I gotten so comfortable with brushing my teeth that I think flossing is just an extra step. 

After being invited to the launch of Philips AirFloss, I got to learn from Datuk Dr Sean Paul who works in LivingWell Cosmetic & General Dentistry that flossing once everyday can help reverse the early stages of gum disease by removing the bacterial plaque.

Many had issue with flossing as they face gum bleeding in the beginning stage. According to the experts, continuously flossing everyday will reduce the bleeding and help the gum to regain its health back. Hence, Philips is introducing the latest addition to the Sonicare family, AirFloss. 

The Philips Sonicare AirFloss uses microdroplet technology to make cleaning in between teeth as easy as 1, 2, 3. Not only that, it helps to maximise plaque removal and improve gum health as well.

The rapid burst of air and water from the AirFloss is directed using a nozzle guidance tip. This will ensure the targeted cleaning between teeth. Also, AirFloss enable you to floss your entire mouth in a minute! Each full cleaning session only requires one teaspoon of water or mouthwash. 

Philips Sonicare Airfloss is priced at RM699, available at selected electrical stores, dental clinics and soon in branded retail outlets and on the online store www.blipmy.com. 

The nozzle head is recommended to be changed every six months. Replacements are available in a set of two for RM89. There are also different coloured as well!

Personally, I do think the AirFloss is really expensive for someone who earns low to middle income. However, it is possible for them to save up and invest on a tool for a long term care. Plus, it's important for us to take care of our health right? 

Philips Malaysia
Website: www.philips.com.my

Written by : Senri Ning

Travel is even easier now with Terminus Functional Bags!

Fashion is a popular practice around the world includes clothing, footwear, make up, accessories and even bags! Speaking of bags, sometimes you just need the laptop bag or travel bag with really nice design other than plain black colour that you couldn't bring to all different occasions. 

Introducing the local brand, Terminus offers wide varieties of bags that are all about the 5Fs: Function, Feel, Form, Fashion, and Fun. Not only that, most of the bags in Terminus are award-winning items from Red Dot Award. 

It was an honour for the bloggers on that day as the CEO, Mr.Liew himself made appearance at the launch, explaining to us on the functionality of the bags. The most epic moment during Mr.Liew's presentation was when he placed iPad into one of the bags, showing how the bag protected the iPad really well despite being thrown onto the ground. 

The New Invisible Urban Roller is an award-winning product in Terminus which is also everybody's favourite because it's really convenient as a backpack and roller bag. (Psst, there's a way for you to hide those rollers)

Compartments inside just made packing even easier as you travel.

This Transformers 5-in-1 bag is really suitable for working adults who always travel for work. For those who are organised person, this bag is definitely your choice! There are slots and compartments for your laptop and passport. Also, you can even separate your clean and dirty clothes too! 

Big handbags are usually a hassle because it is too big to locate your small keys, cards and etc. With this bag, you'll find your item really quick. Why do I say so?

There are lights that runs by battery inside the bag! Surprising huh? A plus point for this design as it is waterproof too! It would be really awesome if Terminus could introduce clutches with such design for ladies who often go clubbing.

There are also other bags for different functionality which I don't wanna tell you too much because I believe it would be best to visit the shop yourself and take a look at the bags! ;)

My pick would be this X-series sport bag that is suitable for gym and travel! Not to mention, the designs are just awesome! Super love the vibrant colours of the bags. Plus, the X sign makes it look even sexier! Hehe

All Terminus bags comes with up to a one-year warranty. Selected bags are now going through 50% discount for OneCard members! 

Website : http://www.terminusbag.com/
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/terminusbag
Address : Lot S213A, 2nd Floor New Wing, One Utama.
Written by : Senri Ning

LEGO® Star Wars™ Miniland Model Display

In less than a month, Legoland Malaysia Resort will be celebrating its second anniversary and launching the brand new LEGO® Star Wars™ Miniland Model Display as well.

The fully air-conditioned indoor attraction will be the first standalone complex of its kind in Asia where 2,000 LEGO models based on the popular film series have been recreated on a scale of 1:20 using more than 1.5 million bricks.

The themed attraction is housed in a uniquely shaped standalone octagon building and recreates seven of the most famous scenes from the beloved Star Wars™ films and animated series: Star Wars: The Clone Wars™.

Now, let me bring you walk through the Star Wars timeline featuring the planets Christophsis, Endor, Geonosis, Hoth, Kashyyyk, Mustafar, Naboo, and Tatooine while having a unique photo opportunity at the Hall of Fame starring main characters Chewbacca, C-3PO, Darth Maul, Darth Vader, Princess Leia, R2-D2, Yoda with the authentic Star Wars™ sounds, actions and lighting effects to create that realistic environment. Before that, you must experience the specially designed pre-screening area for a LEGO Star Wars™ movie inside the model display.

The LEGO models are presented on raised platforms and stand 85cm high. Not to forget that there will also be life-sized LEGO models that are built with more than 80,000 LEGO bricks such as C-3PO, Darth Vader and R2-D2 

All the models for this project were built in various locations around the world including Malaysia, Germany and the Czech Republic. Psst, we heard there is also a retail store within the complex for guests.

According to Mark Germyn, the General Manager of LEGOLAND Malaysia Resort, the attraction cost more than RM6 million to build and is definitely the biggest development at the Park this year. As a catalyst project in Iskandar, the Resort aims to attract more international visits by adding a new element annually to ensure guests have exciting reasons to visit each year. For this upcoming month, there will be various LEGO Star Wars™ activities lined up to commemorate the anniversary celebrations during September.

For children who fancy Star Wars and dressed up as their favourite Star Wars™ characters, they will be entitled free entry to Legoland in which the promotion will be from 6th – 30th Sept 2014. As for Annual Pass holders, you guys will be able to enjoy a special preview periods from 1-5 Sept before the attraction opens to the public. Interested holders do remember to sign up for the preview ya! 


Reservation office


Written by : Senri Ning

[Movie] Step Up All In

The most anticipating dance movie is finally now up on cinema!

One of the most popular dance franchises in film history takes competition to astonishing new heights in Step Up All In. Miami street dancer Sean Asa (Ryan Guzman) moves to Hollywood with visions of fame and fortune, only to discover the almost insurmountable odds of making it in the professional dance world. But when the new dance crew he forms with the beautiful and headstrong Andie West (Briana Evigan) reaches the final rounds of a high-stakes reality TV competition in glittering Las Vegas, he has a shot at finally making his dreams come true—if he can set aside old loyalties and long-time rivalries and just do what he loves most: dance.

Overall, it was a nice movie to watch. The idea of All In pretty much explained that some of the dancers from the previous installments (Except Tatum) joined in the game at Las Vegas as well, battling for the victory that could define their dreams and careers.

However, the censorship was pure disappointment. If the censorship was done only for small parts of the movie, I wouldn't be that pissed off. Some parts were being cut off so that you wouldn't know what happened in between the storyline and if I'm not mistaken, one of the dance scenes are being censored as well. You see, I couldn't really define how much they censored because I couldn't figured out what was going on throughout the scene. Do note that if you were to watch this movie in the cinema, you might be expecting few parts were missing.

This time round, the performances gave me a different kind of feeling. It was more like a show, providing the storyline from beginning until the end. I really enjoyed the last dance because the choreography was so great. I also liked how they brought in the special props and as usual, more difficult and surprising stunts appeared as well.

Focusing too much on dance, leading the storyline to be pretty cliche but it's still a dance movie after all. People often notice on the choreography more than how the story goes. The cinematography was great because it's definitely not easy to take a shot of so many dancers in a scene. Together with the props and stunts, the angles taken were pretty risky but they pulled it really well.

The only downside to me was the sound effect, it didn't really gave me the element of surprise like how the previous installments did. But the soundtracks were still awesome too! Clean, sleek, nice moves from all.

Will I watch it again? Yeap because I definitely want to know what happened in the missing pieces. However, I'll choose to download it this time.

Catch the trailer before you decide to watch it or not so that you'll get a better idea of the movie. :)
Written by : Senri Ning

[Food Review] Sushi King @ Sunway Pyramid

In a blink of an eye, July is coming to an end and we're going to be welcoming August tomorrow. In Japan, Summer Festival is one of their most anticipated culture to enjoy the fireworks, dance and food. Sounds amazing no?

Now, you don't have to travel all the way to the land of rising sun to enjoy Japanese street food because Sushi King is bringing the scrumptious mouth-watering delicacies to Malaysia so everyone can enjoy the gourmet spread offered on streets of Japan this season. 

Spicy Edamame (RM4.00)
This season brings a little bit surprise to the dishes. Edamame with spicy chilli flakes, totally gives a kick to your tastebuds that you'll never forget.

Spicy Salmon Nigiri (RM5.00) 
If someone would like to give me a year supply of food, I'll choose raw salmon because the freshness of the fish taste so good and sweet. Fresh raw salmon is just perfect BUT adding local taste of spicy chilli flakes on top of it would definitely give you that twist and you'll be craving it for more!

Unagi Nigiri (RM5.00)
Who doesn't love Unagi? It's my second choice after salmon. As usual, that delicious sliced eel is just so juicy and the texture is so smooth. OMG, so goooooood~~

Pumpkin Tenpura (RM5.00) 
Again, I need to tell you that I super love pumpkin. Deep fried the battered pumpkin slices at the right temperature, serve while it is hot. Goodness, I'm telling you this crunchiness is a dish that couldn't be missed! (Psst, all of us couldn't stop eating it)

Takoyaki Tenpura (RM6.90)
This takoyaki is slightly different because because it has the nice crunch on the outer layer before you bite into the savoury goodness of the deep fried octopus ball. Drizzle some okonomi sauce and mayonnaise on top of the takoyaki, the taste has gone up to a higher level.

Kushiage Moriawase (RM11.90)
Kushiage Moriawase features 5 types of Japanese skewers that are deep fried to perfection: prawn, scallop, chicken nugget, mushroom and long beans. Try the scallop! It is so huge man! Not to mention that it tastes really good too! Please do remember to dip them into the okonomi sauce cause it provides enough taste to the skewers.

Kushiage Bento (RM16.90)
Bento is something like all-in-one kind of thing. Kushiage Bento consists of deep fried salmon steak and Japanese style deep fried skewered prawn, scallop, chicken nugget, mushroom and long beans. Once again, they're served with okonomi sauce too! With the amount of delicious goodness in this bento, I'm sure your tummy will feel the satisfaction to the max!

Beef/Chicken Tonpei Yaki (RM9.90)
Tonpei Yaki is a very popular dish in Japan consisting of the meat, shredded cabbage, crunchy fritters wrapped and garnished with delicious okonomi sauce and mayonnaise. Chicken tonpei yaki is made with grilled juicy chicken. I personally enjoy the second option, beef Tonpei Yaki as the beef was being pan fried so well along with the onions that I'm enjoying it every bite of it.

Chicken Yaki Udon (RM13.90) 
This fried Udon is something that you should look forward too because this Japanese wheat noodles is fried together in delicious okonomi sauce, making it such mouth-watering dish. Plus, it is also served with mixed vegetables and deep fried chicken nuggets.

Ramune (RM6.90) 
Ramune is really well-known carbonated drink in Japan. They even have the challenge of taking out the marble inside the bottle without breaking the glass. In Sushi King, you get to bring back the marble by twisting the bottle cap. (Don't let them know I'm the one who tell you okay? HAHAHAHA) 

And....Ramune is photo taking worthy too! 

The Japanese Street Food Promotion in Sushi King has been going on during the month of July and will continue on August as well! You can now stop by your nearest Sushi King and have a try on this not-to-be-missed menu! 

This seasonal promotion is for a limited time only and valid while stocks last.

Written by : Senri Ning