21 April 2014

Aussino Stock Clearance up to 80% off!

Sleep is basically the best thing is the world but nice and comfortable bedsheets always make the sleep even better! Don't we all just love comfy bedsheets? 

Aussino will be having clearance sales up to 80% discount this coming Saturday! And the best part is....the sales will be happening on the same days, same place as Malaysia Clothes Buffet! WOOHOOO!! Yeap, that day will be shop till you drop day.

They have many different colours and patterns of bedsheets on that day! I will go all out for blue so I'm totally aiming for this set! :D 

Of course, they do have other styles and patterns as well. Check out this Japan-inspired bedsheets, looking so beautiful.

A fan of pastel? Why don't go for this turquoise one?

Pink checkered bedsheets are just too cute!! :D 

I heard there are more to come on that day so don't forget to mark your date yea! Here's the details in case you have forgotten. Teehee. See you there!

Date : 25-27 April 2014
Time : 10am - 6pm
Venue : Syopz Mall, Taylor's University Lakeside Campus

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17 April 2014

Shopping in buffet style!

When it comes to buffet, we often think about food but sorry to disappoint you this time yea, this blog post is not related to food. Teehee. It's about CLOTHES BUFFET! Hey, shopping also bring happiness no? :)

How does clothes buffet works? Each shopper will receive a ziplock bag and grab as many pieces within given time. ‘If you can zip it, you can keep it.’ As long as they can fit the clothes into the ziplock bag and zip it, these clothes are theirs. Yeah, that's the picture of the ziplock bag below. 

Malaysia's 1st ever Clothes Buffet was introduced two years ago in 2012 and it went on every year since then, including this year 2014.

Malaysia's Largest Clothes Buffet, organised by LINs Communication and A Shopaholics Den, will be happening on 25-27th April 2014 at Syopz Mall, Taylor's University Lakeside Campus, bringing the shopping experience to a whole new level for the fashionistas without breaking the bank. 

Within these three days, there will be 50,000 pieces of fashionable pieces in the buffet area for the shoppers to grab home with an entry fee of RM 60 only. The ticket can be purchased at https://www.facebook.com/malaysiaclothesbuffet/app_434287979923319

Also, a Blowout Sale will be held from 4pm-6pm on each of the three days where each piece of clothing will be on sale for RM 10 only. 

K, time for me to practice technique of folding clothes so that I can grab as many clothes as I want! Buahahhaa!! XD

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31 March 2014

It's that time of the year again!

Although we stay in Malaysia but I believe we are highly inspired by the fashion at Japan. For this year's Spring Summer fashion, the trend has move towards sweet floral patterns entwined in elegant lace with a colour palette of soft pastel and vibrant shades.

Why am I talking about fashion suddenly? Well, the reason is that the biggest online shopping mall Rakuten will be kicking off its Super Sale from 1st to 10th April 2014. Held for the second consecutive year in Malaysia, the Rakuten Super Sale will offer an extensive selection of fashion and accessories from participating merchants at highly-discounted prices too! (Remember to jot down the dates properly girls! and guys!)

Online shopping is always convenient enough to enable shoppers to skip the queue and enjoy browsing through a variety of the latest fashion trends from Japan with just a click of their mouse or a flick of their finger. In short, you can skip the jam and huge crowd! Teehee

Other than desktop and laptops, Rakuten can be accessed at any time through mobiles and tablets too. Besides fashion, Rakuten is also offering massive discounts for other categories such as electronics as well as health and beauty products. 

Reflecting its tagline ‘Shopping is Entertainment’, Rakuten will be surprising shoppers with ‘Time Sales’ on top of the ongoing Super Sale – offering certain items at special discounts at specific times only. You can check out the 1,000 Time Sale schedule through the Rakuten website, Facebook page and LINE. 

To make shopping even more entertaining, Rakuten will be rewarding shoppers with up to 10 times Super Points at certain times during the Super Sale. Rakuten Super Points are given to Rakuten members when they shop – 100 Super Points are worth RM1 which can be spent on products across the website during the next purchase. 

I must say that I really love the Super Points! I shopped my bajus with the points and it made me wanted to shop even more because the more you shop, the more points you get. And then, you get to shop for more stuff! *evil laughter* Not only that, the delivery was really quick. I ordered three items from LuvClo on Friday and my package arrived at my doorstep on Saturday morning! :D Definitely a happy and satisfy customer here! 

In addition to its sale, Rakuten has also launched the Rakuten Happy Panda stickers, a series of 16 limited edition stickers in partnership with LINE, a popular mobile messaging app amongst Malaysians. These adorable stickers are available to Malaysian LINE users and can be downloaded at LINE's sticker shop. ;) TOO CUTEEEE!!

Did I just trigger your shopping alarm? Hehe. To begin the Rakuten shopping experience, head on over to Rakuten Malaysia now! HAPPY SHOPPING PEOPLE! :D

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17 March 2014

[Food Review] Blu Med Restaurant & Bar

Yo, wassup? Sorry peeps for the lack of updates. Internship made me gone crazy, sorta. Thanks to FOOD Malaysia and Blu Med Restaurant & Bar, I was invited to join the food review session with other fellow bloggers. Woohoo! 

Blu Med officially opened its doors in 1st Feb 2013 that nestled amidst the bustling centre of Boulevard Mid Valley. This place presents a perfect destination for both casual and more formal dining around town. The restaurant is divided into two separate levels, featuring a trendy cool and modern environment with touches of comfort on the lower floor and luxury on the upper floor. 

The causal dining area seats approximately 160 patrons, inside and outside, whilst the upper floor only sears 60 intimately, with exclusive use of 2 private dining rooms. Funky bar is a new trendy and fun place to meet friends and relax, with unusual cocktails and a bar snacks "table,"

Blu Med is a restaurant that offers a Mediterranean experience excited by their Japanese Executive Chef. Hence, we could expect some unique touches on the dishes. 

Upon arrival, we were greeted with the welcome drink, Strawberry Caipiroska. Not only it has really generous amount of Absolut Kurant but it also contains some lime chunks, golden brown sugar, soda water, strawberry puree and lime juice as well. Strong taste but a little bit too much for my liking.
Strawberry Caipiroska (RM26.00) 

Chef's Salad (RM24.90)

Salad is the usual appetizer. To be honest, I'm not a salad person because it's so greeny but I went all in for this particular dish. What makes it special is the curry-spice dressing, adding a twist to the dish. I really like how the slow-cooked chicken breast meat blends with the crispy yam chips. The existence of Parmesan cheese is just perfect yo! 

Watermelon with Feta Cheese (RM5.00)
This dish opened up my eyes because I've never seen watermelon cube matches with olives and feta cheese. So cute isn't it? Little piece that can help open up the appetite for the next dish. 

Eggplant Gratin (RM10.00)
This is one of my favourite dishes of the night! :D Crispy Eggplant with some homemade tomato “sauce” and top coated with generous amount of mozzarella cheese! I like the texture of the dish because the outer part is crispy and the inside is really soft. Love it! 

Teriyaki Chicken & Salad Pizza (RM36.90)
When it comes to pizza, I just love thin-crust, A LOT. This particular pizza that topped with teriyaki chicken slices & homemade mayonnaise really filled up my stomach. Definitely worth the try! 

Caipirinha (RM26) 
Compared to the Strawberry one, this drink had a stronger taste. There were Rum, lime chunks, golden brown sugar, ginger ale and lime juice. Liked it very much although I had to paused for a while as I was drinking it quickly. 

Linguine Tomato Cream 'Bisque' sauce (RM34.90)
I couldn't get enough of this. The sauce soaked completely into every strand of the linguine, leaving the taste behind, keeping them inside the brain and making me feel like getting another one! Oh! I forgotten to mention that the prawn heads and shells were stewed for 2 hours! 

Executive Combo Set (RM59.90)
Consists of deep-fried fish pieces, deep-fried chicken breast slices, BluMed’s chicken satay and Japanese-inspired mash potatoes. My best pick would be the deep-fried chicken breast slices! Not to forget to finish up their mash potatoes! 

Chocolate Banana Honey Toast with Ice Cream (RM18.90)
For chocolate lovers, this is definitely your kind of dessert. ;) 

Here's a good news for you all. Just print out this voucher and present it before ordering, you'll be entitled the Special Squid Ink Spaghetti at half the price! Valid until 30 April 2014. :) 

Blu Med Ristorante e Bar 
27-G Ground Floor 
The Boulevard, Mid Valley City 
Lingkaran Syed Putra 
59200 Kuala Lumpur 
Tel: (+603) 2201 5081 
Fax: (+603) 2282 0360 
Business hours: 7:30a.m. - 12:00a.m. 

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04 January 2014

2 0 1 4

Helloooooooooo~ Here comes 2014! Sorry for the delayed 'new year' blog post but here I wish you guys Happy 2014, have a blessed and great new year ahead! 

(The pup above is up for adoption!)

Usually, we'll have new resolution every new year. Have you set your new target and goals? I did a reminder and stick it on my wall, remind myself everyday and night when I look at wall. 
I've set really simple resolutions for myself this year but I must say they aren't easy to be achieved. No matter how, I will do my best although there are difficulties in front. Same goes to you guys too! The road isn't easy to walk but it is always up to your call to clear off those obstacles. While you're busy with your work, don't forget to take care of your health and spend time with your love ones. :) 

Don't be afraid of taking up the risk and trying something new. If you think it's worth to try, go for it. Don't let the opportunity slip away from your hand. Even though sometimes there are criticism or rejection, but that's life! Who knows, there are greater things for you out there! 

Speaking of great things, MIVVA recently just send me a huge box filled with Biore and Liese products. Thank you MIVVA, these products came in time for internship! Yeah, I need to fix my hair and clear my make up everyday soon. I'm starting my internship on Monday and I'm just too nervous. T_T

I've also tried to be more eco-friendly from now on, getting myself involved in recycling. By that, I don't mean just giving my old stuff away to the recycling centre. I mean, recycle the products and use them to create a piece of art or something useful. Okay, back to the box. I reuse the box and do some cutting to the cover so that I can organise some of my make up products. This way, I could simply grab the products that I want easily. 

Think out of the box, get the brain juice blending. Have a happy 2014! 

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30 December 2013

Ninetology U9X1 VS Samsung Galaxy S3

Thanks to Ninetology Malaysia, I was invited to join their phone review programme - Tech Kaiju Bloggers Review. The company is generous enough to lend two different smartphones for review purposes. These two smartphones are from different brands, Samsung Galaxy S3 & Ninetology U9X1.

This is my very first time being approached by a brand that I never used or experienced before. Yeah, I'm jakun like that. Often we heard about Samsung, iPhone, HTC, Nokia and Sony and I do play with these phones as they belonged to my friends. As for Ninetology, the name does go through my ear a couple of times but I never get the chance to experience it before. So, my knowledge towards it is equal to zero. But I have really limited time in reviewing the phones so I do not have a complete blog post about my "discovery" journey of it. I'll try my best to fill up as much information as I could. 

Ninetology U9X1

  • PROCESSOR - 1.2 GHz quad core processor
  • FEATURE - 4.2 Android Jelly Bean
  • MEMORY - 16 GB internal memory (expendable memory card microSD up to 32 GB)
  • CAMERA - 13 MP back camera, 2MP HD front camera
  • BATTERY - 2,200 mAh battery
  • SIM - Dual SIM card

Samsung Galaxy S3
  • PROCESSOR - 1.4 GHz quad core processor
  • FEATURE - 4.2 Android Jelly Bean
  • MEMORY - 32 GB internal memory (expendable memore card micro SD up to 64 GB)
  • CAMERA - 8 MP back camera, 1.9MP front camera
  • BATTERY - 2,100 mAh
  • SIM - Single Micro SIM

Anyway, we shall start with their appearance. E.g: size, thickness and etc.
In term of size, these two phones are about the same and they fit pretty well to my hand when I use them. 

Although U9X1 is slightly thicker but the weight of it is really light. At times, I didn't realised the phone is inside my pocket. (I don't know if it's a good thing or bad thing)

The type of display for both devices are HD AMOLED. Therefore, they have similar screen quality. Although both have slightly similar battery power but U9X1 lasted me few hours longer compared to S3. 

The unique part that caught my interest about U9X1 is its dual sim function. I'm not saying that I use two phones or numbers but it definitely sound pretty convenient for those who are having two numbers, one is for personal & another for office use.

As for S3, it's like other smartphone with single sim function only. 

Here we move on to the comparison of the back & front camera for both devices. I believe the camera function is one of the most important and frequent spec that we used on smartphones. X1 has 13MP back camera whereas S3 has 8MP only.
S3 has brighter picture compared to U9X1. However, the colour produced by U9X1 is more vivid compared to S3. 

For the front camera, the results are pretty obvious. Although the difference between both cameras are just by 0.1MP but the S3 who has 1.9MP produce images that are closer to realistic colours. 

I wouldn't state which phone I would recommend to buy because both phones have their own advantages. I agree some of the specs of S3 are better than U9X1 but the phone from Ninetology is slightly cheaper with dual sim card function. Towards the end of the day, the decision still based on personal preference as well as budget. :) 

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