A ride to Häagen-Dazs

Who would ever say no to ice-cream? I know I wouldn’t. In fact, I wouldn’t mind having ice-cream for breakfast which I did. Got this checked on my bucket list! HAHAHAHA

We shall now head for food venture in House of Häagen-Dazs. Fasten your seatbelt everyone as we will be going on a roller coaster ride! 

Making our first stop at the Signature Collection where any ice-cream lovers would get their tastebuds on them. #nokidding

Häagen-Dazs Fondue (RM68.00) consists of mini ice-cream scoops, fresh seasonal fruits and patisseries as well as a choice of milk chocolate or dark chocolate for you to dip in. 

Not to mention the chocolate sauce was so smooth, bringing the dessert to a whole new level. This will be perfect if you would like to share with your bunch of friends or family. 

I've heard all the positive reviews about this but never really had the chance to try it out, now I can finally tell everyone that I'VE TRIED THIS! Hah! 

Another signature collection that you must give it a try would be The Eiffel Tower (RM40.00). The name says it all. Having the moist Brownie as the base, slowly top it off with Belgian Chocolate ice-cream, Cookies & Cream ice-cream and lastly the raspberry. It's just perfect! 

I hope your eyes and stomach still can take it because we are now moving to the next stop, Classic Creations. This stop will be focusing on the range of ice-creams available in Häagen-Dazs.

Did you know that Häagen-Dazs has almost 20 flavours of ice-cream and that's a lot to choose from! The Seventh Heaven (RM61.00) is a dish that serves 7 scoops of your choice of ice-cream with more fresh fruits drizzled with chocolate. 

And...the coolest thing about this dish is the misty effect that will get you go woahhhhhh before you have your 'makan-makan' session.

Try out the Häagen-Dazs Crunch (RM24.50) range if you prefer to have ice-cream all by yourself! The crunches have interesting layers of flavours and textures which would make your mind go round and round. (I think I exaggerated it but you get what I meant right)

Can't take it anymore? Need to rush to your nearest Häagen-Dazs? No wait! Hold on a bit more! We are going to reach our destination soon! One more stop! The Ice-Cream Drinks!

Yeap, drinks that made up of ice-cream! Can you believe that? I had the Salted Caramel Latte (RM22.00) and man, it was so gooooood. Re-invention of the classic latte that includes a shot of espresso, hot milk and blend with Häagen-Dazs' Salted Caramel ice-cream for the lovely twist! 

If you are a person who loves the chemistry between chocolate and coffee, go for the Belgian Chocolate Mocha (RM22.00)!

Okay, that's the end of our journey. Oh wait! ONE MORE!

Fans of crepe wouldn't want to miss this Banana Caramel Crepe (RM31.00). Warm crepe with banana slices drizzled with caramel sauce. The Caramel Biscuits & cream ice-cream surely given this dessert a plus point! Sweet!

Couldn't stop loving the effort Häagen-Dazs put into all the desserts. Of course, I wanna share this love with my family & dog. HAHAHAHA. Sharing is caring yo. HOW CAN NOT SHARE WITH FAMILY?? You don't need a reason to go on a ice-cream fest with family, true? :)  (Okay, I was just kidding with the dog, he can't eat ice-cream)

Yes, that's the end of our roller coaster ride! Now off you go to Häagen! 

Written by : Senri Ning

Be The Next ChiChi & ChaCha Star!

Have you heard of Chichi & Chacha? It is a children’s programme that features five teenage celebrity hosts and 3D animated characters who educate children through song, dance, story time, arts and crafts and interactive problem solving. It is an edutainment brand that creates 360 content for children.

Awesome huh? What's even cooler is that you or your kids now can perform live with the hosts ChiChi & ChaCha in 2015!

proPassion, Taylor’s University’s student PR consultancy is currently collaborating with Kyanite TV and Big Fish Media to organise “Be The Next ChiChi & ChaCha Star”, a star search for kids and teens aged between 6 to 18 years old.

The event will be held on 15-16th November 2014 at The Main Place, USJ 21 to find the most talented boy and girl who will walk away with RM 1,000 cash each, be featured on YouTube and join the 2015 tour with ChiChi & ChaCha (CC2) celebrity hosts.

Both winners will be invited to unlock and refine their future potential. They get to train, choreograph and perform with the five ChiChi & ChaCha hosts - Sweet, Afeiq, Farisha, Leen and Harris. Interested parties aged below 18 years old are invited to upload their talent videos by 6th November 2014 if they are interested in participating. The steps are as below:

1) Register at -- http://goo.gl/forms/YlQy3bx5VC
2) Take a video of your talent in less than 15 seconds on Instagram (sing, dance or act) then share it on your Facebook account
3) Shout out "Saya nak jadi bintang ChiChi & ChaCha" in your video
4) Tag one of your favourite hosts (@afeiq, @farisha_iris, @jazashazleen, @harrisalif, or @fqisminaa) and @chichidanchacha

30 entrants will be picked for the Challenge Round on 15th November where they will be given 90 seconds to showcase their talents. Top 10 will then be selected to proceed to the Grand Final on 16th November.

Judges will be looking at the 3Ps in a talent - Performance, Potential and Personality. All finalists will be given maximum 4 minutes to showcase their talents and dance to CC2 songs.

Is that it? Of course not! There's a “Be The Next ChiChi & ChaCha Star” Nominating Contest waiting for you! This contest provides a special reward for the nominators where they have to nominate only ONE talented person around them and showcase the person’s talent within 15 seconds or less. Should the nominees be selected as a finalist on the Challenge Round, he or she will win RM100 in cash and a free autographed ChiChi & ChaCha T-shirt.

For more information, feel free to dropby http://www.chichiandchacha.com/ to check out all the details you need to know about ChiChi & ChaCha!

Written by : Senri Ning

Philips SteamCleaner Multi Handheld steam cleaner

Recently, I got the chance to review one of the products from Philips (with an interesting story too!) that helps to clean tough stains and grease in your kitchen with steam. They even have suitable nozzle to clean the stain near your stove! It's the SteamCleaner Multi Handheld steam cleaner. Phew, that was mouthful. I'll just label it as SteamCleaner. Haha 

Opened up the box and found out the package came with the handheld cleaner, 2 microfiber pads (yellow & blue) & one precision steam nozzle. These devices and accessories looked pretty "canggih" to me so I  had zero idea on how to function it. 

According to Philips Website (HERE), this light weight & compact SteamCleaner doesn't need any detergent to steam off the tough stains and oil left on the smooth surfaces as steam kills up to 99.9% of germs and bacteria.

All you need is to refill the water, plug it to the socket and wait for the ready indication.

Also, the two microfiber pads are washable. Hence, you can wash all the dirts off after the cleaning process.

From the website, the product comes with two nozzle:
  • Triangular steam nozzle
  • Precision steam nozzle 
However, the only nozzle I received was the precision steam nozzle which was specially for tight corners. The triangular steam nozzle is suitable to clean for all areas. 

So, I used the prevision steam nozzle to clean my kitchen stove but I gave up half way. Reason being that the plug point is far from the stove, it would be a hassle for me to take an extension just for this product to clean the stove area. It would be even better if SteamCleaner could be portable so that it won't take up much effort to clean that area. 

Sorry to disappoint you guys that this isn't a proper review at all because I didn't even use the product properly due to many limitation. I thought it would be nice if I could use it to clean my kitchen area but there wasn't ay triangular steam nozzle inside the box. 

The price of SteamCleaner is at RM259.00. Do get more feedback from other users who had used the product if you were thinking to buy this. I would definitely be the last person you should ask because until now, i still couldnt figure out how to use it. (It's just sad)


Written by : Senri Ning

Rakuten SuperSale is back!

Entering the month of October, fashion trends nowadays are shifting towards the Autumn/Winter season. However, it's pretty hard for us to wear jacket & long sleeves all the time in Malaysia due to its hot weather. 

Even so, we can still play around with different outfits. In Rakuten, I get to find all sorts of fashion that fits well for this season. Plus, the price is really affordable too. With the SuperSale that Rakuten launched last week, almost everything is even cheaper right now! 

Better visit the website now before it's too late. Heard there are bundle promos, awesome discounts & etc! Oh ya, today is the last day of Rakuten SuperSale! HAHAHAHA.

Let me end this with my shameless OOTD with Rakuten Fashion. Hehe. Psst, the top is only RM19.90! Quality is superb too! ;)

Website: www.rakuten.com.my
Written by : Senri Ning

Meet Star Wars in Legoland!

Finally had my very first trip to Legoland last month during the launch of LEGO Star Wars Miniland Model Display! It's so crazy that there were more than 2,000 LEGO models built using over 1.5 million LEGO bricks! *drop jaw*

Upon arrival, the pace was super stuffy and these bunch of kids had their face all red man. THEY ALL HAVE A LIGHTSABER WITH THEM. Emergawddddddd...

You know what was the next thing that made me gone crazy? THIS, a life-size Darth Vader Lego Mascot! So cute please! 

After the hooha, we finally headed over to the Star Wars Miniland. One thing I was pretty glad about the display, the place was indoor and filled with air-conditioned! Yeap, no more feeling stuffy and sweating all around while looking at the legos. 

"Hi, I'll be your usherer for the day. This way please"


"Move along, move along"

Journey begins with a hilarious short clip and move on to the 7 famous scenes from Star Wars films and The Clone Wars animated series. 

Finally, the area towards the exit is a retail section for Star Wars merchandises. Definitely the place for you to bring home some souvenirs!

Wanted to explore around in Legoland since it was our first trip here but the weather wasn't being nice to us. It decided to pour on us till we ran over to the souvenirs shop. Took our own sweet time to make our own legos.

When you reach Legoland, it is a must to take picture with the "Legoland Malaysia" sign despite the rain. HAHAHAHA.

It was a pretty fun trip after all. Ate really awesome food, went for awesome ride, bought some awesome legos and finally.....


Noh, Lego can't do peace sign.

Till next time, peeps! :D

Written by : Senri Ning

Introducing the new Philips AirFloss

The phrase "remember to brush your teeth twice a day" has been playing around our ears since young. I gotten so comfortable with brushing my teeth that I think flossing is just an extra step. 

After being invited to the launch of Philips AirFloss, I got to learn from Datuk Dr Sean Paul who works in LivingWell Cosmetic & General Dentistry that flossing once everyday can help reverse the early stages of gum disease by removing the bacterial plaque.

Many had issue with flossing as they face gum bleeding in the beginning stage. According to the experts, continuously flossing everyday will reduce the bleeding and help the gum to regain its health back. Hence, Philips is introducing the latest addition to the Sonicare family, AirFloss. 

The Philips Sonicare AirFloss uses microdroplet technology to make cleaning in between teeth as easy as 1, 2, 3. Not only that, it helps to maximise plaque removal and improve gum health as well.

The rapid burst of air and water from the AirFloss is directed using a nozzle guidance tip. This will ensure the targeted cleaning between teeth. Also, AirFloss enable you to floss your entire mouth in a minute! Each full cleaning session only requires one teaspoon of water or mouthwash. 

Philips Sonicare Airfloss is priced at RM699, available at selected electrical stores, dental clinics and soon in branded retail outlets and on the online store www.blipmy.com. 

The nozzle head is recommended to be changed every six months. Replacements are available in a set of two for RM89. There are also different coloured as well!

Personally, I do think the AirFloss is really expensive for someone who earns low to middle income. However, it is possible for them to save up and invest on a tool for a long term care. Plus, it's important for us to take care of our health right? 

Philips Malaysia
Website: www.philips.com.my

Written by : Senri Ning

Travel is even easier now with Terminus Functional Bags!

Fashion is a popular practice around the world includes clothing, footwear, make up, accessories and even bags! Speaking of bags, sometimes you just need the laptop bag or travel bag with really nice design other than plain black colour that you couldn't bring to all different occasions. 

Introducing the local brand, Terminus offers wide varieties of bags that are all about the 5Fs: Function, Feel, Form, Fashion, and Fun. Not only that, most of the bags in Terminus are award-winning items from Red Dot Award. 

It was an honour for the bloggers on that day as the CEO, Mr.Liew himself made appearance at the launch, explaining to us on the functionality of the bags. The most epic moment during Mr.Liew's presentation was when he placed iPad into one of the bags, showing how the bag protected the iPad really well despite being thrown onto the ground. 

The New Invisible Urban Roller is an award-winning product in Terminus which is also everybody's favourite because it's really convenient as a backpack and roller bag. (Psst, there's a way for you to hide those rollers)

Compartments inside just made packing even easier as you travel.

This Transformers 5-in-1 bag is really suitable for working adults who always travel for work. For those who are organised person, this bag is definitely your choice! There are slots and compartments for your laptop and passport. Also, you can even separate your clean and dirty clothes too! 

Big handbags are usually a hassle because it is too big to locate your small keys, cards and etc. With this bag, you'll find your item really quick. Why do I say so?

There are lights that runs by battery inside the bag! Surprising huh? A plus point for this design as it is waterproof too! It would be really awesome if Terminus could introduce clutches with such design for ladies who often go clubbing.

There are also other bags for different functionality which I don't wanna tell you too much because I believe it would be best to visit the shop yourself and take a look at the bags! ;)

My pick would be this X-series sport bag that is suitable for gym and travel! Not to mention, the designs are just awesome! Super love the vibrant colours of the bags. Plus, the X sign makes it look even sexier! Hehe

All Terminus bags comes with up to a one-year warranty. Selected bags are now going through 50% discount for OneCard members! 

Website : http://www.terminusbag.com/
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/terminusbag
Address : Lot S213A, 2nd Floor New Wing, One Utama.
Written by : Senri Ning